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Story behind Merch Factory

How Merch Factory came into existence...

💡 In the year 2022, when the world was grappling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and many were left unsure of what their future held, our team saw an opportunity to create something new. 💡

💼 We took the leap into entrepreneurship and started our very own clothing company. It was a challenge, but we were determined to make it work. With the traditional model of starting a clothing business, there were so many obstacles - from stocking inventory to managing quality control and shipping. 💼

💥 That's when the idea for Merch Factory was born! We wanted to make it easier for anyone to start their own clothing brand without having to worry about these challenges. Our goal is to provide an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to turn their creative ideas into a successful clothing business. 💥

💻 Our platform is simple to use, with an easy-to-navigate dashboard that lets you upload your designs, add neck labels, and start selling. We handle all the operational heavy lifting, from printing on demand to seamless machine operations and fast shipping services. 💻

🚀 So, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, we're here to help bring your clothing brand to life. Join us and see how easy it can be! 🚀

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We are registered at Merch Factory, Mill Road, Ashok Nagar, Madhya Pradesh, India, 473331. Our GSTIN is 23BPGPJ0062R1ZR. For any business queries, please mail us at

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Copyright © 2024 Merch Factory