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Why do my designs seem different when printed?

March 10, 2023

If you’re a designer creating artwork for direct to film garment prints, you’ve probably noticed that the colors of your design look different when printed compared to what you see on your computer or mobile device. 

This is because the colors you see on your device are in the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color space, while the colors you see when printed are in the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color space.

The RGB color space is used for digital displays, such as computer monitors, televisions, and smart phones. It’s a subtractive color system, meaning that the colors you see are created by subtracting certain colors from white light. This is why colors in RGB are often brighter and more vibrant than colors in CMYK, which is an additive color system. For direct to film garment printing, however, the colors need to be in the CMYK color space. CMYK uses four colors to create a wide range of colors and is the standard for printing. The combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black creates a much wider range of colors than RGB, which uses only three colors. This is why colors in CMYK often appear duller than colors in RGB.

Designs uploaded to the Merch Factory App are in RGB format. Please check how your designs appear in CYMK format, so that your designs are printed correctly.

Understanding the difference between RGB and CMYK color spaces is essential for designers who want to achieve the best results for their direct to film garment prints. By taking the time to understand each color space and how they interact with each other, you can ensure that your designs will look as vibrant and true to life as possible when printed.

Combine your colors.

Experiment with your color designs and be bold. Finding the correct ones may need some effort, but you’ll be there in no time. Just keep these RGB and CMYK distinctions in mind, and you’ll be a color guru in no time!

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